Meghan McCain Invites MTV News To Las Vegas Sit-Down

By Todd Brown

Tuesday was one of my most exciting days working at MTV News: I met and interviewed one of the possible first daughters of the United States, Meghan McCain.

My colleagues and I got the call early that morning: "Meghan McCain is having a small event in Las Vegas with Linda Ramone, wife of late rock legend Johnny Ramone. Can you cover it?" I jumped at the opportunity, headed to the airport and, within a few hours, was in Las Vegas and on my way to meet Meghan and her entourage at the Hard Rock Cafe.


(Read more about Todd's experience meeting Meghan after the jump!)

The first thing that struck me about the senator's daughter was how enthused, down-to-earth and genuine she was. It's not that I expected anything negative, but I imagined that 18 nonstop months on the campaign trail — spent crisscrossing the U.S., blogging and supporting her father — would take their toll on the 24-year-old Columbia grad. If they had, it certainly wasn't showing.

Meghan arrived at the Hard Rock around sundown to meet with 30 to 40 Las Vegas-based McCain volunteers. She worked the crowd with the skill of a politician, shaking hands, signing autographs and taking photos, all the while looking like she was enjoying every moment of it. I really think she was.

After Meghan's meet and greet, I had an opportunity to sit down with her for 15 minutes and talk about a host of topics: her blog, fear of public speaking, onetime dream of being a rock journalist, gender issues, the youth vote and much, much more.