Hanging Out With Uh Huh Her -- And Lots Of 'L Word' Fans

Last night, I filed in with all of the other girls and boys — OK, mostly girls — to see Uh Huh Her, a band that is quickly making a name for itself. Having formed just under two years ago, the band is fronted by two women, Camila Grey (Mellowdrone) and Leisha Hailey (the Murmurs and, yes, "The L Word").

With an electro-pop feel that has warmer tones harkening back to PJ Harvey and the Smiths, Uh Huh Her possess a diversity of speed and emotion, and a fantastic dichotomy of heavy emotion and a light spirit. Their live show, much like the record, brings you up and down, evoking temporary nostalgia with one track, then excitement and motivation with the next. Camila talked to me about how the record has no real story line necessarily, but more of a gathering of highs and lows and dark and light moments. For me, records have always felt more realistic that way.

The record took five months to write but was recorded in only four weeks, due to Leisha's demanding acting schedule. She recently finished shooting the final season of "The L Word" and has begun filming the spin-off, which she stars in. Interestingly enough, Leisha said she had always wanted to be an actress, but "music took off in a survival kind of way." However, even as acting picked up and her fame rose with the success of the show, she never stopped wanting to continue her music career.

I asked both Leisha and Camila about what it feels like to know that tons of those people coming out to see them play are "L Word" fans, there to gaze up at Leisha, whom they know as Alice Pieszecki. They agreed that hopefully "people come in fans of [Leisha], and leave fans of the band." Camila admitted that while it's, of course, a little weird to know that a lot of attendees are "L Word" fanatics, they obviously have "no complaints" about the fact that scores of people are coming to see their shows.

Their video for "Explode" just premiered on mtvU this week. Believe it or not, Camila and Leisha found the animator for this video through MySpace. A few months back, they received an e-mail from a fan who said that she wanted to do some animation for them. Interested, they checked out her stuff, asked her to submit a treatment and ultimately hired her to create the clip.

For the next few months, Uh Huh Her will be touring and preparing to create another EP when they're ready. And for you "L Word" fans, Leisha didn't tell me much about the new spin-off, except that Alice "finds herself in a situation that you would never expect her in." Anyone want to dissect that for me?