Eminem's Relapse: Release Date Pulled By Amazon

On Monday, Amazon.com posted a listing on its site for a forthcoming Eminem album, claiming the set would be in stores on December 23. Later that day, a spokesperson for Em's label, Interscope, told us that "there's been no date scheduled" for Relapse yet.

And sure enough, on Tuesday Amazon removed the release-date information for the record, the title of which the site listed as "TBD." The site has a spotty record in terms of the reliability of such information: In recent years, they've listed several different release dates for Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy, all of which were not November 23, 2008, which is now apparently the album's officially official release date.

In short, this all probably means that there won't be a copy of Relapse in your Christmas stocking this year. As soon as we find out an official release date, we'll let you know.