Nick Jonas And Selena Gomez Insist They're Both Single

Nick Jonas

Did you hear? Nick Jonas is single! That's right, teen girls everywhere — SINGLE!

We're sure you're asking yourself: What about that adorable Selena Gomez girl he was supposedly dating? Well, when E! News asked Nick over the weekend about his current relationship status, his response was simply: "Single." In fact, for those who keep track of this sort of stuff like we do here at MTV News, it seems that all the guys are looking for love.

Joe has told reporters that he's single, which was expected given the fact that he recently broke up with Taylor Swift. And although eldest brother Kevin's answer was a bit more complicated (and it led us to wonder about the girl he was recently seen kissing around town), the sentiment was the same: "Always dating, but in the end, single, yeah."

In many ways, the reported breakup of 16-year-old Nick and 15-year-old Selena isn't that surprising, considering all the single talk that Selena has been doing on her own as of late. As early as two weeks ago, the writing was on the wall when Selena was talking about her crush, Shia LaBeouf, and passed along the message: "Let Shia know I'm available!"

Then last week, she told Us Weekly, "Anyone would be really lucky to be dating Nick. And anyone would be lucky to be dating any of them." She added: "I'm not that lucky. I'm not dating [Nick]."

So, with a heavy heart, we're reporting that another great Disney pair are no longer together. Nick and Selena: You will be missed.