One Iraq War Veteran Shares Her Thoughts On 'Concert For The BRAVE'

Shameeka Gray returns home from IraqShameeka Gray, one of the Iraq war vets featured in "Choose or Lose & Kanye West Present: Homecoming" this summer, also had a chance to attend "A Night for Vets: An MTV Concert for the BRAVE" last week. Here's what she thought about the event.

I would first like to say on behalf of myself and all veterans, thank you to MTV and all the participants for making this event very touching and memorable. The performances and messages from the artists and entertainers were great. I would also like to thank the individuals and organizations out there that have implemented and developed ways to help our veterans.


There were many issues that were brought to the world's attention, such as homelessness, veteran benefits, unemployment and health care, which are all rising challenges among veterans in America. The veterans that shared their stories brought awareness to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), disabilities many veterans encounter that take a toll on their daily lives.

Many soldiers leave family and friends behind and believe that by performing their duties they have honored their contract and should be taken care of when they return home. As veterans, not having a place to call home or support from the government are problems we should not encounter when trying to transition back to our regular lives.

The show will enable veterans to realize that there are people out there who care and who appreciate so much what we have done for this country. They understand our issues and struggles and that something needs to be done about them.

Learn more about veterans' issues and sign the BRAVE petition here.