Is Beyonce's Metal Glove Steampunk?

By Andrew Ross Rowe

"Single Ladies" has my colleagues dancing around the office, but Beyoncé's peculiar metal glove has been grinding my gears. Has this pop diva gone steampunk?

For something to be steampunk, it needs two things: gadgets and an old-school theme. Mechanical accessories will hypothetically provide their wearers with heightened strength, just like this giant steampunk arm. Does the glove mean Beyoncé is stronger now? The black-and-white aesthetic provides a vintage vibe reminiscent of cabaret and, in parts, burlesque. (You know those hips are a heartbeat away from a different kind of video.)

Not sure if Beyoncé is steampunk or not? We've got your tutorial video after the jump.


Beyoncé wears the glove throughout her music video but doesn't flaunt it heavily until the end, when she surprises us with a close-up camera shot and an intimate smile. With so much metal on her hand already, she might have to take the glove off if she wants someone to "put a ring on it." Oh wait, Beyoncé's already married!

Do you think Beyoncé went steampunk, or is this a weird coincidence?