'Paris For President' Video Gives Glimpse Of Our 'Commander In Bikini'

Secret Service dudes. Old white-haired dudes. A bleach-blond president in a cutaway red-white-and-blue swimsuit and shiny, red patent-leather pumps, sipping martinis while chilling at the Palms pool. No, it's not the latest "Saturday Night Live" skit, or that "adult movie" tribute to Alaska Governor Sarah Palin you've been hearing about. It's Paris Hilton's "Paris for President" music video, which will go up on SwaghouseMedia.com on Sunday.

A sneak preview is available now on People.com.

In the teaser, a trio of buff Secret Service agents chant "Paris for president" as the socialite delivers her Kewpie-doll vocals over a thumping techno beat, dropping lines like, "At the Palms chilling with a martini/ Your commander in bikini."

So far, this one looks a lot like the video Paris put out in August, responding to Senator John McCain's "celebrity" attack ad with her own energy policy that frankly sounded better than anything we heard in the actual presidential debates. At least she's taking this whole running for fake president thing seriously. She's already got Charlie and Martin Sheen's fake vote, after all.