Kim Stolz, Tyra Banks Call Truce, Reveal The Real Attitude-Challenged Reporter

Tyra BanksCall off the troops and put away the bayonets. Today, a feud was ended, and a friendship commenced.

Tyra and I are kindred spirits again.

I have to admit, making the "elimination room" spoof was a blast. It made me feel exhilarated, renewed, refreshed and, yes, avenged in a certain manner. But such fleeting feelings were soon overtaken by a need to put down my arms, be the bigger (metaphorically speaking) person and make things right with TyTy once more.

I saw the new film she executive-produced, "The Clique," as the perfect opportunity. So, pride and confidence in hand, I went to interview Tyra this morning with three goals in mind.

1. To call for a cease-fire

2. To find out if, after all, the photo shoot with Analeigh (theme: the reporter with an attitude) was, in fact, inspired by my antics at the Fiercee Awards

3. To ask, if it wasn't about me, who was Tyra talking about? Who deserves to take Naomi Campbell's place?

Who is Tyra feuding with?

All three goals were completed. Take a look:


Joan. It's on. Godspeed and may the best woman win.