Obama Finally Makes His Lollapalooza Appearance ... On Election Night

Senator Barack ObamaKanye West, Pearl Jam, Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead ... Senator Barack Obama? The Democratic presidential candidate has booked the same area in Chicago's Grant Park that hosts several of the stages at the annual Lollapalooza festival, and if early estimates hold, the crowd in his hometown on the evening of November 4 could best the daily totals put up by the granddaddy of alternative-rock festivals. Maybe the Lolla attendees who were bummed that Obama didn't show up in August should have stuck around.

It's still unknown if attendees wishing to join the party will need to register online to get a ticket in advance, but Obama's team has already begun prepping the park for what is expected to be a "massive" rally on election night, according to the Chicago Tribune. Security will likely be tight for the event, with the area fenced off, much as it is for Lollapalooza, and attendees going through metal detectors. The Obama campaign has promised to pick up the tab for such expensive measures.

Organizers are expecting a crowd of 100,000 or more, rivaling the 75,000 daily totals for Lolla, which is spread out over an area twice the size of the one in which Obama will be setting up. No other details about the rally have been released yet.

The campaign of Republican rival Senator John McCain has not yet announced where it will be on election eve.