Britney Spears' Eerily Similar Videos: 'Womanizer' Vs. 'Toxic'

Britney Spears

Britney Spears' new video for her hit single "Womanizer" is like a case of déjà vu: It's hard not to be reminded of her "Toxic" video when you watch it. Seriously, how could you not? If the similarities hadn't dawned on you, here's our evidence. (See our side-by-side video comparison after the jump!)

First up, we examine the nearly indistinguishable concepts for the two videos, both of which have Britney taking on multiple personalities. In "Toxic," they include sexy stewardess and biker chick. Meanwhile, "Womanizer" has Britney playing naughty office worker, seductive limo driver and vindictive waitress.

And there's the fact that all of these personalities are seeking vengeance against a hunky guy who has done them wrong. Hell hath no fury like a Britney scorned.

Then there's the wardrobe, or rather, the lack thereof. Although she came close to baring it all in "Toxic," we get the full Britney in "Womanizer" — well, at least what we're allowed to show on basic cable without the FCC getting on our case.

Finally, she worked with director Joseph Kahn on both clips. Even he admitted to MTV News last week that the videos are eerily similar.

"There are elements and moments of 'Toxic' that I felt could be improved. I didn't see it as a direct sequel but a 2008 answer to ['Toxic']," he said. " 'Toxic' was a crystallization of her career at that time, and the tough part was that we knew there were going to be comparisons."

Um, you think?

Need further proof? Check out the video evidence below.