AC/DC, 'Rock Band' Superstores Open In New York And Los Angeles

By Todd Brown

When your fans wait eight years for an album, the release certainly calls for an event, or maybe even a celebration — better yet, how about an entire store devoted to the record?


Well, that is exactly the kind of love AC/DC's new album, "Black Ice," is getting. MTV, "Rock Band," Wal-Mart and the band itself teamed up to open two stores — one in Los Angeles and one in New York City — devoted solely to the "Rock Band" and AC/DC experience. AC/DC and "Rock Band" fans alike can come down, buy a deluxe version of the new album, play the yet-to-be-released AC/DC live Track Pack on "Rock Band 2," and buy anything and everything related to "Rock Band," AC/DC or MTV.

Walking around the place almost felt like being in a rock-and-roll museum — in fact, some of the original cannons used in AC/DC concerts were on display. Unfortunately, you couldn't buy them, as they are dangerous — however, some of the things I would have liked to walk away with included a "Rock Band" controllable microphone, a vintage MTV T-shirt and an AC/DC motorcycle helmet.

Because of the advent of the Internet and the resulting increase in online sales, the excitement of actually buying a just-released album at a store event has almost all but gone away. But, at least for the next three months, it's nice to know that there is a place in New York and L.A. where I can experience that feeling one more time.