Smashing Pumpkins Enjoying Their Independence, Prep For 20th-Anniversary Tour

Billy CorganOver the weekend at the Scream Awards in Los Angeles, MTV News caught up with the two remaining original members of the Smashing Pumpkins — frontman Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin — to discuss a number of topics, including the band's upcoming 20th-anniversary tour and the Pumpkins' newfound freedom. They're no longer under contract with a record label, and they issued their latest single, "G.L.O.W.," last month as an independent release.

"For years, we always dealt with this idea that some guy in some office somewhere was going to make a decision we wouldn't have any control over, and now, that's not a problem anymore," Corgan said about being free from the shackles of the majors. "I never gave a sh--, but when they gave a sh--, it was a problem."


According to Chamberlin, the freedom hasn't affected the band's creative output, but being under a label did. Chamberlin said the band is constantly writing material and plans to release its eighth album in the not-so-distant future. First, though, the Pumpkins have their tour to take care of. Corgan said they'll be playing the new single a lot on this upcoming run, because when they played the track on their last tour, "People tore their hair out."

But this tour will be unique, since the Pumpkins plan to play some of the biggest cities on their itinerary more than once. "We're playing two nights in some of the big cities, and we'll be playing two different shows, with two different sets," Corgan said. "Forty-five songs spread out over each set. The first night's set will be darker and heavier, and the second night will be lighter and transcendental."

The tour kicks off November 1 in Cleveland and hits Toronto; New York; Boston; Atlantic City; Washington, D.C.; Chicago; St. Louis; and San Diego, before wrapping in Los Angeles on December 3.