All-American Rejects' Tyson Ritter Shows Off Split Personality In Next Video

All American RejectsBy Todd Brown

Imagine living in a Gucci house. Sure, many people have Gucci bags, maybe Gucci sunglasses, but that's nothing compared to a Gucci house. Well, there is no Gucci house, but L.A. does have a red-white-and-blue-striped Paul Smith house, and that was the shoot location for the All-American Rejects' upcoming video "Gives You Hell," the first single from their third album, When the World Comes Down, due December 16.

In the video, frontman Tyson Ritter plays two roles: square Tyson and rocker Tyson. The scene that we saw being shot involved the rocker lying in bed next to a beautiful rocker chick. Both Tyson and the girl are wearing bright-red rubber gloves, the bedroom looks like it was destroyed by a party the previous night, and the singer is none too happy to be awoken by what appears to be the square Tyson mowing his lawn next door. As for the rest, well, you're just going to have to wait, but I can guarantee this: There will be some hot rocker chicks, a friggin' awesome-looking house and scantily clad All-American Rejects delivering what they hope will be their next big hit.

We got a chance to chat with the band during some downtime on the set, and what I realized was that Tyson Ritter is one of the funniest men in rock and roll. When asked about the release of his album, he jumped up on a fence, made a series of pelvic thrusts and repeated the word "release." To see and hear more from the interview, be sure to check back to In the meantime, check out these photos from the shoot.