Jonas Brothers Hope To Work With Chris Brown — When Their Schedules Allow

It’s been a super-busy year for the Jonas Brothers, who have been making music, working on a Disney Channel show and wrapping up their 3-D movie, set for release next year.

“This past year has gotten busier,” Joe Jonas said. “But it’s been more fun.”

They’ve also shared their love of a variety of music with everyone. We’ve heard them speak a lot about their love of the Beatles and Johnny Cash, and now we have a couple of more bands to add to the mix. “The Zutons are a major inspiration,” Nick said. “And Coldplay, of course.” Joe agreed: “We’ve always been big Coldplay fans.”


And we’ve learned throughout the year that the Jonas Brothers are no strangers to collaborating. This past summer alone, they wrote and produced songs for Demi Lovato. They also had Joe’s ex-girlfriend, Taylor Swift, join them onstage when they played at Madison Square Garden in August. And let’s not forget their loyal bodyguard Big Rob, who raps on their hit “Burnin’ Up.”

But the boys are ready to add another teen dream to the mix — and perhaps even gain some cred in the urban market. The brothers said they’d jump at the chance to work with Chris Brown, who is also no stranger to collaborating with other artists. “I think we want to write something, and both our schedules are kind of crazy,” Joe told MTV International. “When we have time and he has time, we’ll write together and see if we can record a song.”

So, Chris, take some time out of your busy schedule to hang out with the Jonas Brothers. We’re sure your fans will thank you for it!