Decoding ‘American Idol’ Winner David Cook’s Song Titles

We’re not going to pretend we know what goes on in “American Idol” season-seven winner David Cook’s swirly little head. But a peep at some of the song titles on his upcoming self-titled debut, due November 18, definitely made us say, “Huh?” (But first, a caveat: We have not heard the album at all.)

The first one that grabbed our attention was “Bar-ba-sol,” which is either an homage to the original premium shave cream — in which case we applaud his blatant Chris Brown-like product placement at a time when musicians have to get their hustle on any way they can — or an homage to season-six pinup Antonella Barba, which we would also applaud.

The track “Heroes” also has some obvious product-placement possibilities, but Cook might have to battle Wendy and Lisa if he wants to muscle his way onto the hit NBC show’s soundtrack.

Another title is “Mr. Sensitive,” which, given the sourpuss, dead-eyed stare Cooky is giving on the album’s Photoshop-tastic cover, makes total sense. We’re not saying it’s a potential jinx, but considering the struggles of male “Idol” winners and runners-up over the past few years, maybe having a song called “Permanent” on your debut is putting the chart before the horse.

We are intrigued, however, by the overcapitalization of the last song, “A Daily AntheM,” which we’ll assume is a shout-out to Cook’s older brother, Adam, whose struggle with cancer was an ongoing theme in last season’s drama. If that’s the case, Cook again proves that he’s a totally decent, stand-up guy with a huge heart.

Otherwise, the songs appear to be the expected mix of rockers and ballads, including “Declaration,” “Light On” (co-written by Chris Cornell), “Come Back to Me,” “Life on the Moon,” “Lie,” “I Did It for You,” “Avalanche” and the sap-tastic coronation bonus track “The Time of My Life.”