McCain Campaign Gets Knocked Down By ’80s Rockers Survivor

We’ve more than exhausted our allotment of boxing metaphors to describe the presidential campaign. But here goes one more: Whoever is in charge of picking the music played at Republican candidate Senator John McCain’s rallies is either punch-drunk or down for the count.

You’d think after getting smacked down by the Foo Fighters, John Mellencamp, Heart and Jackson Browne (who actually filed suit against McCain for using “Running on Empty” in an ad broadcast in Ohio) that someone, anyone, in the McCain camp would vet song choices at least as thoroughly as they vetted vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin (OK, maybe that’s a bad example).

But in the latest song snafu, the guitarist for ’80s rockers Survivor has asked the McCain/Palin campaign to stop using their “Rocky III” anthem “Eye of the Tiger” at events, according to a post on the band’s official Web site.

“Survivor has no affiliation with John McCain or Sarah Palin. They have no right to use ’Eye of the Tiger’ in any way as part of their campaign. Using our music without our permission can give people the impression that we are supporters — this is not the case,” guitarist Frankie Sullivan wrote in a statement.

“The thing I like best about politics is the song [’Politician’] by Cream,” Sullivan added. “Politicians have a habit of saying what they think you want to hear without ever really saying what you need them to say — the truth. There’s the truthful answer, and then there is the political response. The political response is the one to beware of, for it is not a response at all; it’s spin.”

Since no one else seems to be doing it, we are therefore offering our services as jukebox jury for the McCain/Palin ticket. Just one tip before we sign on, though: Stay away from Pearl Jam’s “Alive.” It’s not about what you think it’s about.