McCainiac Daddy Yankee Moderates Gubernatorial Debate In Puerto Rico

Janet JacksonDear Fat Joe,

I know you said my endorsement of Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain made you "sick" to your stomach and made you feel like you wanted to "vomit." And I heard you callin' me a sellout and whatnot, saying I was just doing it for publicity.

Well, I'm ready to pour some "Gasolina" on the fire now. Guess what? I moderated a debate Thursday night among the candidates for governor of Puerto Rico. Maybe you could take a message from the name of the debate, "Vota o quedate calla'o" ( "Vote or keep your mouth shut").

So what if PR paper Primera Hora said I lost my "flow" and poked fun at me for reading every line from the teleprompter, even my greetings to the candidates? Technical difficulties! I did kind of startle them with my closing plea "from the heart" to rid the barrios of drugs.

And yeah, some kids burned my records outside the convention center hosting the debate. So?


Daddy Yankee (OK, not really.)