Did Tyra Banks Dis Kim Stolz On ‘America’s Next Top Model’?

The photo shoot on last night’s episode of “America’s Next Top Model” started innocently enough. Queen Tyra had the girls act out awkward, unscripted scenarios at a fictional awards show. The photos ranged from tripping onstage to not being able to pee in a fancy dress. (Classy!) And then there was this scenario: “The Interviewer With an Attitude.”

That’s an odd awards-show scenario, isn’t it? I don’t really think that particular situation would pop into most people’s heads when they hear “unscripted awards-show moment.” But whatevs, just last week Tyra called traffic a “natural disaster,” so I’m used to this show making my brain hurt.

Anyway, the hippy dippy Analeigh took a pretty great “attitude-y reporter” photo.

But wait a hot-mess second. Does Analeigh remind you of anyone??

The resemblance is uncanny, no? Normally I would have just said, “Funny! That girl looks like Kim Stolz in that pic,” and then moved on to watching “Project Runway.” But then I remembered that earlier in the episode, Jay Manuel explained that Tyra was inspired to do this shoot after producing her own awards show, the Fiercee Awards.

Didn’t our resident “ANTM” alumna cover the Fiercees for MTV News?

And didn’t she and Tyra have a borderline-catty interaction on the red carpet?


GASP! Is Tyra calling out our girl??

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra. If you’re gonna mess with my friend Kim during an episode of your hit show, I’m gonna have to knock you down a notch here.

So how’s this for a comparison?

To the left, Emperor Palpatine from “Star Wars.” To the right, Tyra Banks during last night’s judging panel.

PS: How’s that music career comin’, TyTy?

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