Is Aubrey O’Day Really Out Of Danity Kane?

Last night’s episode of “Making the Band 4” has everyone talking. Could it be that after four years together, Diddy has kicked Aubrey O’Day out of his multiplatinum-selling girl group Danity Kane? That just leaves us feeling so damaged!

Well, that might be the case. He explained to them in the episode that the “reality of the situation has changed with the vision.” It seems that Aubrey — who already expressed issues with everyone — didn’t like what she heard, then sassed her boss. That led to her dismissal from the group. When MTV News contacted DK’s rep to confirm that Aubrey was out of the group, our e-mails were not returned.

Of course, gossip about the future of the group isn’t new. Last year it was rumored — thanks to Aubrey saying crazy stuff in front of an L.A. club — that the band was breaking up. It was also rumored that Aubrey and Diddy were having a baby. Both rumors were later found to be nothing more than wild speculation.

But, if this time it turns out to be true, what should Aubrey do with all that free time? We have some ideas.

» Stylist: She’s known for her unbelievable, if not classy, fashion choices.

» “Dancing With the Stars”: Isn’t, um, a celebrity like Aubrey made for a show like “DWTS”? Plus, she has reality-TV experience!

» Broadway: You laugh, but she’s already had a part in “Hairspray.” Maybe that’s why it was announced that the show would be ending soon? OK, well, maybe she shouldn’t do that one.

» Solo career: She is undeniably the most famous face of the group. And with all the tabloid press she gets, she seems ready for the spotlight.

» Dog groomer: Most recently, Miss O’Day has been seen toting her dog, Ginger, everywhere with wildly dyed hair, so perhaps a stint at a doggie hair salon is in the cards for her.

But maybe Diddy and Aubrey will rekindle their fake romance and kiss and make up — then, just like that, Aubrey will be making the band all over again! Only in dreams, kids. Only in dreams.