Kim Stolz Spit On Me — To Promote Voter Registration

Being an MTV News correspondent isn’t always glamorous. Sure, we get invited to red-carpet events (not really), get to hear all the hottest CDs before anyone else (like Darren Hayes from Savage Garden’s latest solo double-album!!) and have tons of celebrities’ phone numbers in our Rolodex (not true for me, with the exception of Sweet P … and a fake phone number a friend once gave me for Paul Thomas Anderson).

But yesterday was an especially horrific day in the life of this correspondent — because for the better half of the morning, Kim Stolz was spitting in my face, over and over again. You see, we were doing a “fun” little shoot for a promo that will remind our audience to register to vote, and if there’s any cause that deserves a Stolz Spit Shower, it’s telling y’all to make sure you’re registered in time for what may be the most important election in the history of the country. (Head here for state deadlines and more registration info.)


But most important: Register to vote! You don’t want Kim Stolz’s spittle — and my now-ruined Christmas sweater — to go to waste. Because then the terrorists win.

Fun fact: Tonight’s presidential debate is being held at “American Idol” castoff Melinda Doolittle’s alma mater. I wonder if she’s working her shift at the dining hall tonight. Just kidding, Mindy Doo! Can’t wait to hear your debut album!

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