Rage To Record? Tom Morello Shoots Down Online Rumors

For months now, we’ve been hearing rumors about Rage Against the Machine that suggested the band, who’ve reunited for a spate of successful gigs, would soon be hitting the studio to write and record the follow-up to 2000’s cover-filled Renegades. Obviously, you’ve got to take such rumors with a grain of salt, considering Rage’s history. But then again, stranger things have definitely happened.

MusicRadar, citing a “source” within the band’s label, Sony, reported that rumor, saying that Rage was prepping new material for an album to be released next year. “We’re hopeful,” the source apparently said, “but a new album is far from definite.” The story was picked up by several sites, and fans responded with a great deal of skepticism — as well they should have.

We decided to go straight to the source and reached out to guitarist Tom Morello — who has been busy with his solo project, the Nightwatchman, and will make an appearance on Cypress Hill’s upcoming LP — by e-mail this morning, asking him whether there was any truth to these rumors. He got back to us a few minutes later with exactly the kind of response we were anticipating. “Nope,” he wrote. Short, sweet and concise. Let’s hope this denial puts these Rage recording rumors to rest once and for all.