Jennifer Hudson Talks About David ‘Punk’ Otunga: He’s ‘Nice And Thick — I Love It!’

By Christina Garibaldi and Jocelyn Vena

To her, he’s just David.

But to the rest of the world, Jennifer Hudson’s fiancé is, of course, “Punk” — a.k.a. David Otunga, the former “I Love New York 2” contestant.

Many were surprised when the pair’s engagement was announced last month. After all, it’s not often you see a contestant from such a show getting hitched to an Oscar-winning actress. However, Hudson is keeping the whole thing in perspective. “I don’t think it’s fair to judge someone off an experience [like the show],” she told MTV News.


Then again, you might not know that he graduated from Harvard Law School (just like Barack Obama) either — and “American Idol,” of course, is a reality show too.

“Everything to me takes time,” Hudson told MTV News’ Tim Kash. “We talked for a very long time before we got into each other. We got a good chance to know each other and we made really good friends out of it, which led us to this.”

The Oscar winner also revealed to us how she met Punk — er, David. “We actually met through a mutual friend. For some odd reason we happen to know all the same people,” she said.

She said she was familiar with his television history, and although she said it wasn’t love at first sight — “He had to prove himself” — he does have many attributes that she looks for in a man.

For one, he’s “nice and thick! I love it!” But also, she said, “David is very smart and a very loving person. He’s a “beautiful person,” she said. “[He’s] very intelligent, very smart, a complete gentleman, very traditional.”


In other words, he doesn’t live up to his nickname. We wish them all the best!