Britney Spears Gets Bronx Middle School Music Studio Named In Her Honor

Britney Spears has been seen all over Manhattan this week, but on Wednesday she ventured up to the Bronx to stop by John Philip Sousa Middle School 142 and deliver a $10,000 check to the school's year-old music program, reports.

While there, Britney got a taste of what her money would help support: The school's band, the Sousatones, played for the pop star, and a seven girl chorus group sang "I Am Woman" for her. The money was donated by Elizabeth Arden, the cosmetics and fragrance company that makes Brit's Believe, Fantasy and Curious fragrance lines.

"I really enjoyed the time I spent at the John Philip Sousa Middle School," Spears told People. "I've been working with the people at Elizabeth Arden for the last five years, and I know how passionate everyone is about the school.

"I loved hearing the school orchestra and the children sang so beautifully," she added, "The fact that Elizabeth Arden made such a large donation for the school music studio in my name was so generous."

Britney, whose new album, Circus, is slated for release on December 2, also recently revealed that she has plans to hit the road and go "probably around the world" sometime next year. Maybe she'll take the Sousatones along with her.

"When you're ready to take us on the road for an opening act, we're ready," band director Sal Mazzola told her.

"You'll be the first people I call," she replied.