Britney Spears Driver's License Woes Come Back To Haunt Her

Britney SpearsWith three Moonmen safely in hand, a buzz-building comeback album in the works, her custody battle behind her and her personal life nearly in control, Britney Spears finally seems to be getting back on track.

But, it's not all smooth sailing just yet. According to The Associated Press, Spears will go to trial next month to face charges that she drove without a valid California license. This is the final remnant of a criminal case that stems from an August 2007 incident in which Spears hit a parked car and did not leave a note for the other driver. She settled a hit-and-run portion of the charge through an agreement with the other driver, but it sounds like the Los Angeles judge is going out of his way to make sure it doesn't appear like she's getting the celebrity treatment.

In fact, Brit's attorney in the case, J. Michael Flanagan, thinks the matter — a misdemeanor case that doesn't require the singer to attend the trial — is going before a jury because of unfavorable "special treatment" by the prosecutors and judge. On Thursday, Flanagan tried to get the case reduced or the charges dismissed, arguing that under normal circumstances, Spears would be allowed to pay a $10 fine and not face criminal prosecution.

But, according to the AP, Flanagan said Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James A. Steele told him it was because of Spears' celebrity that he was not reducing the charges.

"He says, 'But I've never done that before. I'd hate to do it the first time and do it for Britney Spears, because then it would appear like she's getting special treatment,' " Flanagan said Steele told him during an in-chambers conference. Flanagan also accused city prosecutor Michael Amerian of using the case to boost his profile as he runs for city attorney.

Flanagan plans to appeal a previous ruling denying his motion to dismiss the case, which is scheduled to begin on October 15.