Stairway To Girl Power: Was Spice Girls' Reunion Really Better Than Led Zeppelin's?

Spice GirlsHere's the thing. I'm sure the Spice Girls reunion tour was lovely. I imagine the costumes were really shiny, skimpy and complicated. The energy was SOOOOO HIGH!!!!! The lady-love was off the charts. Hell, the music may have even been decent or whatever.

To be honest, I've never heard of the Vodafone Live Music Awards — though it sounds like something that might be held at a grimy Irish pub in London — but apparently the Girls were voted Best Live Return at said awards last night.

Normally that wouldn't even merit a mention in these august pages, but they happened to win out over — how do I put this delicately? — Led freakin' Zeppelin. No disrespect to the Spicers, but I'm going to assume the Vodafone folks had some static on the line when they decided to dis what was likely the most anticipated (and lauded) rock and roll reunion show of our lifetime. To be fair, the Girls also beat out James and the Verve, which I'm willing to deal with (though if you haven't heard "Love Is Noise" and "Valium Skies" off the Verve's reunion album, go check them out). But Led Zeppelin?

Only one of the Girls, Emma Bunton, bothered to show up to collect the shiny bauble, and BBC News quoted her as saying she was "a bit shocked" to beat Zeppelin. Shocked? Really? "The thing is," she explained, "when you go to a gig, you go for fun and entertainment and a night out. And that's exactly what we did, and I think that's why people enjoyed it so much." Well, there you go.

Just to give you sense of what kind of night it was, Primal Scream, who are apparently still together, won both Best Live Act and Outstanding Contribution to Live Music, beating out the Verve, the Kaiser Chiefs and Muse in the live-act category. I'm not sure if you've seen Muse lately, but their show is kind of like a spaceship landing on another spaceship inside a gigantic Terrordome filled with flashing lights. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure Primal singer Bobby Gillespie can still stand upright, for the most part. This is almost as big a crime as the Spice bomb, akin to giving the 2009 Best Rap Album Grammy to LL Cool J over Lil Wayne (no offense, LL, but c'mon).

What do you think? Did the Spice Girls deserve to win over Zeppelin?