Korn's Jonathan Davis Covering Lil Wayne's 'Got Money' Is The Opposite Of 'Funky'

Korn's Jonathan Davis"Young funky little JD"? "Mr. Make It Rain on Them Hos"? "DJ show me love/ He say my name when the music stop"? Really?

I'm not saying Korn singer Jonathan Davis has never spent time in a strip club (he is married to a former porn actress, after all). And I'm not saying he's never worn fat chains and rained money down on Cheyenne while she worked the pole on the Cinnamon stage at Shotgun Willie's. Or that a DJ hasn't stopped the music when he rolled in with his Bakersfield crew.

I'm just saying that cranking up the Auto-Tune and hooking up with Slipknot's Jim Root to cover Lil Wayne's "Got Money" is, well, so corny (sorry). Have we learned nothing from Korn's stumble through Ice Cube's "Wicked" on Life Is Peachy back in 1996?

If there is a saving grace in all of this (and we're still looking for at least one), it's that Davis promises on his Web site that the song is "not representative of the album I'm working on, but it was just something fun I wanted to try." Hey, I hear kiteboarding is totally rad, dude. Give that a shot next time, eh?