Miley Cyrus' New Guy? Starlet Spotted At Church, Mall With Model

Miley Cyrus

Nick Jonas who? Miley Cyrus has a new guy in her life, and he's a model. Twenty-year-old Justin Gaston has been spending some time with the 15-year-old Disney superstar, even attending church with her last weekend, according to E! Online. It seems worth noting that he wore a tank top to the service. Perhaps underwear models have a different dress code for religious ceremonies?

Here's what we do know: The duo have known each other since June when Justin made an appearance as a contestant on Billy Ray Cyrus' show "Nashville Star." Miley was in town shooting "Hannah Montana: The Movie."

Another E! report quotes an unnamed source close to Miley as saying the two are "definitely hanging out." Although, that could mean that they're really just friends. Friends have a tendency to hang out. And a third E! Online story reports that they were also recently seen holding hands at an L.A.-area mall. But they also went shopping for cosmetics together. Does that cancel out the hand-holding?

Miley hasn't said anything about the rumored romance. Meanwhile, his rep denies that the two are anything more than buddies. "He and Miley are just friends. He's currently single," Allen Osborne told the site. "This isn't the first time they've gone to church together, just the first time the media's caught wind of it."

Church service? Mall trips? Matching tank tops? We don't know what's going on here. But we do know that Miley is good about keeping her relationship status mum. After all, she did keep her romance with Nick Jonas under wraps until after they broke up. Perhaps we'll know more about these two when they're no longer an item.