R. Kelly's BET Interview: The Questions That Weren't Asked

I have to say that after listening to R. Kelly speak on BET’s “R. Kelly Speaks,” I was disappointed. There are a lot of questions that I thought should have been asked — that need to be asked — given that Kelly apparently isn’t going to discuss his child-pornography trial further, and yet so many rumors, allegations and speculations remain unaddressed. Here are some questions Touré did not ask:

If multiple people have blackmailed Kelly, who were they? What were they blackmailing him about? What happened?

What is the exact relationship that Kelly has with his goddaughter — who allegedly appears with him in the sex tape at the center of the trial — then and now? If nothing has ever happened between them, as the singer claims, why did she not come forward and say so?

Did he ask her to testify? Did he ask any members of her family to testify?

He's alleged to have paid for her family's European vacations, cars and boarding school costs. Did he? Does he still support any of her family members financially in any way, as an employer or otherwise? Does he provide a residence for her or her parents, as has been claimed?

What exactly was Kelly's relationship with Aaliyah?

Did Kelly ever tape sexual encounters?

Do you have R. Kelly questions you want answered? Let us know what you thought of the interviews in the comments.