'American Idol' Man Curse Strikes Again: Blake Lewis Cut Loose

Alicia KeysLike a velvet painting of Jesus playing cards with Elvis, Bob Marley and Jim Morrison, somewhere out there, we hope, is a poker game in a smoke-filled basement featuring all the male "American Idol" ghosts of major-label-glory past.

Maybe Ruben Studdard is dealing, Taylor Hicks is mixing up some beer-tinis, Bo Bice is playing a bit of Skynyrd on an acoustic guitar in the corner, and the newest recruit to the Hall of "AI" Shame, Blake Lewis, is quietly beatboxing "You Give Love a Bad Name" while drowning his sorrows in a bowl of Funyuns.

A few months ago we told you that season-six runner-up Lewis was still with 19 Management, but had been dropped from his label, Arista, after one poorly selling record. (Hey, the Soul Patrol can feel you, dog. Taylor was one and done too.) But in a message recently sent out to his MySpace pals, Lewis revealed that the plug had been pulled all the way out.

"I'm sorry to inform you guys on some sad news," he wrote. "My tour has been cut short. As of now. Me and the boys are touring from the 5th to the 16th. My frustration has been at an all-time high because of this. I am terribly sorry to all of you who wanted to come out and have boughten tickets. I really want to make it out to every state, but this time around it's not happening."

Boughten? Really?

The grammatically challenged beatboxer said he's in the process of finding new management and a record label, stressing, "I'm hoping to do it right this time." As opposed, we guess, to almost winning a TV talent show and being handed a major-label contract after years of struggling and getting nowhere. Hey, best of luck this time.