Jack Osbourne To Produce Documentary On Dad Ozzy

Photo By Bruce Gifford Of Getty ImagesYou might think you know everything about Ozzy ... but you don't know Jack. Well, Jack (Osbourne, that is) doesn't think you know — oh, forget it.

Here's the deal. Jack is producing a documentary on dear old dad Ozzy, with help from his mum, Sharon, who will co-produce and put up the money for the still-untitled movie. Jack promises the project will be much, much darker than the clan's notoriously soft and mumbly MTV series, "The Osbournes."

The first release under Jack's company, Jacko Productions, will be directed by Mike Piscitelli, a video director best known for helming clips by underground bands including the Bronx, Mt. Egypt, the Warlocks and Moth, as well as bigger-budget videos for Linkin Park, Iggy Pop and — surprise, surprise — Kelly Osbourne.

As Ozzy shuffles round the bases toward his 60th birthday in December, Jack told Variety that it was time to scrape off some of the sugar coating the Prince of Darkness accumulated during the MTV reality run.

"MTV couldn't show the darkness, and so they used all the goofy things, but that's not really who he was at the time," Osbourne told the magazine. "Dad has been sober for three years, and I've never seen him more focused, honest and straight-up. He refuses to do a book because he's terribly dyslexic, can't write and doesn't want a ghostwriter, so I thought, 'Why not make this his talking book?' "

Jack has already filmed a handful of his dad's concerts and is pulling together some archival footage and trying to set up an interview with Ozzy's first wife, Thelma Mayfair.

"I want people to see John Osbourne as the guy I grew up with — the tormented, complex musician whose personal demons manifest themselves in so many crazy, unique ways," Jack said. "He's agreed to it but is putting up his guard, massively afraid of putting his true self out there on display for people to see."