‘90210’ Lures Fans With Brandon/Dylan Fatherhood Mystery

So, another installment of the new “90210” down, and only a few more pieces of juicy gossip for us crazed fans to relish. We found out this week that the father of Kelly’s son Sam is someone she was involved with in high school. Apparently, they became involved again four years ago, the mystery man played father for a bit, then some issues got in the way, and he decided not to be a part of her son’s life anymore. I sat on the edge of my seat with this new information. Is it Dylan? Brandon? WHICH ONE!?

Let’s dissect this one, guys: Brandon is certainly more likely to play the father type, but Dylan is more likely to drop off the face of the Earth and no longer want a part in the kid’s life. Then again, she did say “play” father, which leads me to this hypothesis: Dylan is the father. (Let’s be honest, he and Kelly are more likely to have had a kid together, thus further linking them in their inextricably connected lifelong relationship.) Brandon and Kelly, however, got involved a few years ago, and he “played father” for a while until she did something that he just could not stomach. Did she cheat on him with Dylan? (Again?!) Did he originally think he’s the father but found out that the kid is actually Dylan’s? (Rude!) Only something as hurtful as that could send Brandon away, never wanting to be a part of Sam’s life again. Who knows?

Certainly, one of the highlights of the show was seeing Jackie Taylor, still drunk, very aged and, well, let’s be honest, making the same mistakes she made more than a decade ago. One of the low points was not seeing Lucille Bluth (I’m calling her that from now on) even once on the show … and not seeing Brenda!! WTF?

As for the new cast’s story lines, they’re really not worth mentioning as of yet. So … no comment on that note.

What do you think of the new show? Do you enjoy it, or is it overshadowed by the old series?