Pete Wentz Takes Our Writer’s Life In His Hands

FROM BUZZWORTHY: If someone offered you $500 to possibly kill (or at least blind) yourself and permanently damage your internal organs, would you do it?

What about if you were really bored, and that someone was Pete Wentz?

Well, I know my answer: yes. This is because, yesterday, while we were taking a break from shooting the special VMA-edition of FNMTV (airing this Friday! 8 p.m.! Special appearances by Tokio Hotel and T.I.! WOOOO!), Wentz bet me $500 to eat a gigantic, gumball-sized ball of wasabi — then wash it down with 32 fluid ounces of really nasty Kombucha, a fermented drink that tasted a whole lot like malted vinegar. And I took him up on his wager.

What happened to James? Did Pete Wentz make good on his bet? Read more on MTV’s Buzzworthy blog.