Van Halen None Too Thrilled About John McCain Using 'Right Now'

Van Halen

Friday morning, minutes before presumptive Republican presidential nominee John McCain revealed Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, he strutted out onto a stage in Dayton, Ohio, where 15,000 supporters had gathered for a rally the day after Senator Barack Obama made history during his DNC-closing address, with Van Halen's inspirational 1991 track "Right Now" booming through the speakers at the Nutter Center.

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Well, apparently, Van Halen's members aren't too happy about it. According to the band's publicist, the members had no idea McCain was going to use their song as his entrance theme and were never approached by McCain's camp for permission to use the track.

"Had they asked, permission would not have been granted," Liszweski said.

President George W. Bush used the song several times during his 2004 campaign — also without Van Halen's permission. Liszweski said that the band is not political in nature, and has not and will not be throwing their support behind either presidential candidate.