Joe Biden’s Greatest Accomplishment: Pete Wentz?

We’re not sure if Democratic VP nominee Joe Biden would want to add the following accomplishment to his already-lengthy bio, but it would probably be a wise move if he’s looking to corral the desirable tween vote for running mate Barack Obama: Without him, there would be no Pete Wentz.

This is because, according to a report on and then confirmed to MTV News by Wentz himself, his parents — Pete Sr. and Dale — met while working on a Biden Senate campaign in (he thinks) 1972.

“Yeah, it’s true,” he told MTV News in an e-mail Wednesday (August 27). “Maybe [it was in] ’72? I’m not even sure. I’d have to ask my dad. I was born in ’79, so it might’ve been later.”

We’re not sure either. Biden ran again for the Senate in 1978, so it could’ve been then too. Whatever. The ’70s were a confusing time for everyone. Regardless, when we first heard the news, something went off in our MTV News brain: Where had we heard this story before? And then it hit us.

Wentz had first told us about his Biden connection way back in January, when we were out in Chicago to cover the Obama fundraiser he threw at Lakeshore Broadcasting Company, the dive bar he co-owns in his hometown. Both his parents were there to show their support for their son and Obama, and at one point, Wentz introduced us to his dad … all while mentioning that his folks had met while campaigning for Biden.

We’ve got the video — plus a little bit of Pete Sr. stumping for Barack — after the jump.


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