Miley Cyrus Is Turning 16, And You’re Totally Invited … For $250

What: Miley’s Sweet 16 — Share the Celebration!

Where: Disneyland, a.k.a. the Happiest Place on Earth!

When: October 5!

Details: Oh my God, so, Miley Cyrus is finally going to be old enough to drive and ditch that bicycle, and you’re totally invited! Well, 5,000 of you are, anyway. Miley told “Entertainment Tonight” that tickets are only $250! (Your parents will totally pick that up!) And they go on sale August 30!

(Can we stop with the exclamation points yet?)

There will be more than “7 Things” she likes (that Miley, always reminding us of her hit songs), including special fireworks, hanging out with friends and a few songs! Oh, and some recognition for really cool kids from Youth Service America who are volunteering, or something (and giving Miley a chance to hype her song “Wake Up America” again).

Is it too early to start lining up?

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