'Obama Girl' Amber Lee Ettinger To Launch Music Career In Time For November Election

Amber Lee EttingeBy Matt Elias

After getting millions of views on YouTube and a cameo on "Saturday Night Live," the Obama Girl has set her sights on the music industry, and she's actually singing this time. Amber Lee Ettinger, made famous by her lip-syncing viral video "I Got a Crush ... On Obama," plans to release a full-length album this fall. The aptly titled Queen of the Web will coincide with the 2008 presidential election.

But if you can't wait that long, Amber's single "Second Time" is already available via iTunes. And you can listen to it on her MySpace page.

So just how does an Internet sensation add to her repertoire of booty shorts and tight shirts? Apparently Amber is a trained saxophonist. Look for that and more when the album drops on November 2.

And while Amber is using her music to distance herself from the Obama Girl character, she still has to pay the bills. Her newest Obama Girl video collaboration with McCain Girl, "The Candidate Girls Olympic Games," was released this week on BarelyPolitical.com. You can also catch her at the Democratic National Convention in August, where she'll be performing the "Crush on Obama" song and attending fundraisers.