Yung Berg Is Getting The Word Out About Voter Registration

Jocelyn Vena

Not only does Chicago rapper Yung Berg have his debut album, Look What You Made Me, coming out Tuesday, but he's also teamed up with the Declare Yourself campaign in an effort to encourage young people to register to vote.

The campaign hopes to empower young people and show them that by registering to vote they can make a difference. "We can't complain about change if we don't get out there and vote," Yung Berg told MTV News. "I'm exercising my rights now so my voice can be heard in this presidential race."

Yung Berg also recently talked to MTV News about his album. "I'm an R&B dude at heart," Berg revealed. "And I like rap. I started with [DMX]. My craft has evolved. I try to be a jack-of-all-trades where I can sing R&B and write R&B as well as me doing my rap thing and producing as well. I'm multitasking."

And now he's multitasking for his country! You can learn more at the Declare Yourself Web site.