Black Lips, Deerhunter, King Khan Offer To Bring Their Showmanship To The VMAs

By Sarah Muller

The clock is ticking down to MTV's 2008 Video Music Awards on September 7. For the past few weeks, we've been asking viewers to vote for their favorite nominees. And so far, the big names that you always hear about — Britney, Mariah, Kanye — have made the cut, as expected.

But let's just say the indie-rock world hasn't gotten much love this year. This past Sunday, when I spoke with King Khan, the Black Lips' Cole Alexander and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox at the Jelly NYC Pool Party in Brooklyn, out of nowhere, Alexander mentioned the VMAs. He brought it up, not me! That would be like talking about a big blowout party right in front of people you know didn't get invited.

Soon enough, the rest of the gang started chiming in: "How can we go? Please, please, please, let us come!" They promised not to curse and "not to bring any chickens or animals." Alexander swore he wouldn't bother Justin Timberlake, adding, "If you let us perform, I promise we'll be better than Britney was last year." But he admitted that wasn't saying much.

Perhaps as a nod to recovering pop tart, Cox offered to wear a dress with a snake around his neck, and possibly a Chihuahua. ... You've got to check out video for the rest.


Hot. What outrageous stunt would you pull to get a VMA invite? Let us know.