Metallica Plan To Release Death Magnetic In Time For Friday Kegger

Metallica's James Hetfield Rob TrujilloHere's the thing about being Metallica: You kind of get to play by your own rules. And if people don't like it, well, kill 'em all, right? So, in keeping with their disdain for doing things the way everyone else does — which extends to recording hundreds of guitar riffs for just a few seconds of actual shredding — the band announced that its new album, Death Magnetic, will come out on Friday, September 12, busting the traditional Tuesday new release tradition (which we suspect they think is for girly-men anyway).

If you recall, they did the same thing last time for St. Anger, saying it was to get ahead of pirated copies hitting stores before the official release date. According to Billboard, the group's label gave no reason for the switch in release tactics, but you can be sure that whatever the rationale is, it totally rocks.

We have plenty more Metallica news on tap for you — and an entire week's worth of stories in the works — plus an exclusive look at the video for the album's first single, "The Day That Never Comes." Stay tuned!