Lindsay Lohan Stays Calm While Blasting Police Chief's Remarks

Lindsay LohanYou've got to hand it to Lindsay Lohan — she's cool under pressure.

When surrounded by paparazzi in an airport, less than a day after Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton's comments about her sexuality, the actress kept her composure, refusing to give the tabloids the kind of sound bite they were probably hoping for. Instead of ripping into Bratton who, the day before, claimed Lohan had "gone gay" (a remark he later tried to quantify by saying his own sister is a lesbian — which apparently makes such comments acceptable in his mind), she followed her PR training to the letter, calling the cop's aside "inappropriate."

Maybe, being a public figure, Lohan can't simply spout off to the media, even after being attacked like that. But most of us wouldn't have been able to bite our tongues, right? Would you have been able to refrain from ripping Bratton a new one, or would you have taken the Lohan approach? Let us know in the comments section below.