The Black Kids Teach You How To Sneak Into A Summer Festival

Back before they were the latest sensation to bubble up from the blogosphere, the Black Kids were just, well, kids. And growing up in sleepy Jacksonville, Florida, they didn’t get to witness a whole lot of rock (Jax ain’t exactly the first place bands book shows when heading down through the Sunshine State). So, when Lollapalooza rolled through their town, they were understandably excited.

The only problem? They usually didn’t have enough cash to pick up tickets, so they were forced to come up with more, uh, creative ways of entering the festival: they snuck in. But this wasn’t your usual bum-rush-the-barricade operation (as displayed by, oh, thousands of Rage Against The Machine fans last night), it was an intricately choreographed routine they dubbed “the double diversion.”

These days, they don’t need to sneak in to much—they’re on the bill for practically everything, after all—but they were kind enough to demonstrate the finer points of the double diversion for all of you, which you can see after the jump.


You can thank them later … after you’re bailed out.

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