Inside Pete Wentz' Lollapalooza After Party

After 12 hours of sun, sweat and music, we thought we were ready to stick a fork in Saturday (especially after Rage Against The Machine beat us into submission). But when Pete Wentz extends an invitation, you accept (after all, he's kind of MTV family now). So there we were, tucked away in the closest thing that his Angels & Kings club has to a quiet spot hanging with Cobra Starship, The Academy Is... and, of course, our host (and the Mrs). Pete was fresh from Grant Park where he took in as much of Lolla as he could (though he told us that, ironically, an "artist" credential means there's really nowhere to watch the show), while Cobra Starship and The Academy Is... are both in the middle of Warper Tour runs.


Gabe Saporta and company managed to summon the energy for a late night performance, grooving through a fistful of songs "to have sex to" as he put it. The house was packed with old friends, and a warm vibe filled the room. Still, a couple of the guys we talked to admitted to having Lolla envy. See what Pete and The Academy Is... had to say about Lollapalooza taking over Chicago after the jump.

(See more photos of Pete at Cobra Starship's show here!)