Lollapalooza From The Waist Up

A wholly unscientific study of what’s covering the tops of Lollapalooza-goers…

Generally more vintage tees, less tie dye and headbands (sorry MGMT), way less day glo shades than in NYC. Here’s what else is out there.

Band t-shirts spotted:
Rage Against the Machine = 15+
Wilco = 4
Sonic Youth = 3
Misfits, Modest Mouse (tie) = 2
Death Cab For Cutie, KISS, Wolf Parade, Beatles, Battles, MGMT, Velvet Underground, Zwan (tie) = 1

Sports t-shirts:
Chicago Cubs = I can’t count that high
Milwaukee Brewers = 6
Chicago White Sox = 5
Chicago Bears = 4
Boston Red Sox = 3 (c’mon, people)

Other festival shirts:
Bonnaroo = 5
Bumbershoot = 1
Woodstock ’94 = 1

Peace symbols = 8 (yes!)
Pro-Obama = 7
Anti-Bush = 4
Batman = 3 (myself included)

My personal favorite tees:
Free Hugs
Cheer Up, Goth
Drop Acid Not Bombs
Fukudome Is My God (complete with rising sun flag)
I <3 Fat Blunts

Check out what Lollapalooza-goers are wearing from the waist down.

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