Miley Cyrus' Amps Would Make Jigglypuff Jealous

We're doing "FNMTV" live tomorrow, which means today is load-in day, which usually means I sit around and drink coffee and have script meetings and stuff. And while all that is still certainly happening today (and none of it is particularly interesting), I had to send in this photo of Miley Cyrus' amps.

In case you didn't know, Miley is on this week's show (I can hear the "eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!" already), and her set is currently being loaded onto the "FN" stage. These amps are part of that set, and, as such, I am not particularly sure they're even real amps. They look like something Pikachu would take on an arena tour. But they certainly are, um, colorful, and they're baking in the SoCal sun as I type this.

I'm gonna go try to plug in and wail on "7 Things" now.