The Ting Tings Won’t Let A Little Tornado Ruin Their Fun At McCarren Park Pool

By Megan Warner

There’s nothing like standing under a giant metal stage during a lightning storm — it gets the heart rate up.

But when fellow producers Sarah Muller, Daniela Capistrano and myself headed out with John Norris to interview the Ting Tings, the duo seemed unfazed by the whole we-might-get-electrocuted-out-here thing.

“I think it’s dramatic,” said Ting Tings frontwoman Katie White, noting that being from England, they are pretty used to the rain. “Maybe the pool will fill up!”

Mother Nature didn’t make things easy for anyone at the at the Jelly NYC Pool Party. I had to balance the wireless mic adapter at a certain angle to avoid static, and to keep both the camera and talent dry, we built a dome of umbrellas. But the wind wasn’t having it. A sudden gust took John’s umbrella (which he referred to as a small lightning rod) out of the picture, and he had to wrestle it back as it flipped inside out.

Find out how we survived the storm and watch footage of the show after the jump!



Suddenly, hearing yells below us, everyone turned around to see an inflated Slip ’n’ Slide collapse on some very soggy sliders. But rather than run back to their tour bus, the Ting Tings just laughed and helped hold umbrellas, and we were able to finish up the interview before they headed onstage.

“You have the weirdest storms here,” White said. “We’ve never seen anything like it. …You have gale-force winds for like 30 seconds. You know, it like breaks lamp posts, and then they stop. It’s crazy.” Sure enough, the storm cleared up in time for their show, when we were finally under the “protective” cover of the stage. Go figure!

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