Jonas Brother Caught In A Lie — It Was Joe’s Care Bears Pillow!

Joe Jonas is lying to you.

Before you clobber me with comments, let me explain!

Last week on “FNMTV,” we aired a piece called “Three Things You Don’t Know About the Jonas Brothers.” One of the tidbits we uncovered was that back in ’06, Joe Jonas brought a Care Bears pillow on tour. After the segment aired, he defiantly insisted to Pete Wentz that said pillow belonged to his little brother Frankie.

Initially, I shrugged off Joe’s attempt to save face in front of his adoring fans. If I was in his (stylish and probably very, very expensive) shoes, I would have most likely done the same thing — “The dog farted” excuse, if you will. But then I started to see some disparaging comments on JoBro message boards about my “hack job.” “That was Frankie’s pillow! Joe said it himself!” “Why is MTV spreading rumors?” “Why doesn’t MTV play more music videos?” (Granted, that last comment always pops up on any message board about anything MTV-related — and I’m fairly certain that my uncle is usually the culprit.)

But now it’s time to stop the haterade, Jonas fans. Below you’ll find the raw footage from 2006, filmed by my colleague Matt Paco while he produced their “You Hear It First” segment.


So, say what you will about the “FNMTV” segment I produced. I know the Tara Reid bit isn’t really about the Jonas Brothers. And I agree that it’s not entirely fair to dust off two-plus-year-old footage and pretend like it’s the gospel according to Jonas. But you can’t deny that Joe Jonas was all about Bedtime Bear back in the day.

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