Is Demi Lovato The Next Miley Cyrus? She Says No — But She Might Be!

By Todd Brown

On Friday evening, just moments before her show, I sat down with Demi Lovato, the teen that many are calling the next Miley Cyrus. But just to be clear, she has no intention of being the next Miley Cyrus, she just wants to be Demi. Of course, she can dance, sing, act, and work a crowd just as well as Miley, but she does it in a style all her own. Demi and I talked for more than 20 minutes about her career, growing up working in the business (she started when she was eight), her passion to create, her music, her acting, how she handles being a teen star, and much more. Demi might only be 15, (turning 16 in August), but she has the sensibility and poise of a showbiz veteran. I was especially impressed with her determination to remain grounded. We will have much more on the interview later this week.

Minutes after the interview concluded, we all hopped into a waiting SUV and rushed off to Hollywood, where Demi was performing a solo show at the Roxy that night. We were late for soundcheck, the car was flying through LA traffic to make it to the venue, the doors were to open in less than 10 minutes, screaming tweens, teens and their parents were lined up for a few blocks outside the venue — and all the while Demi was sitting in the back of SUV, with headphones on and in her own world, calm, relaxed, and ready to perform.

Check back later this week to watch highlights from Demi’s performance and hear more from the interview.