Catch Up With Aubrey O’Day Backstage Before Her Broadway Debut!

By Christina Garibaldi

Aubrey O’Day is more than ready for her Broadway debut in “Hairspray.” We just caught up with the Danity Kane singer and her puppy Ginger backstage.

Aubrey, in full makeup, showed off her dog, who she dressed up in a pink wig and doggie cape accessorized with various “Hairspray”-themed trinkets. We talked to her in her dressing room minutes before she graced the Broadway stage for the first time.

Her dressing room was flooded with flowers, gifts and family coming by to wish her support and luck — and, of course, telling her to “break a leg.” O’Day seemed in good spirits and was thrilled to have her family and friends in attendance (52 loved ones were there, to be exact).

Aubrey shook off those last-minute jitters, but she seemed more than ready to get the night started. She told us she couldn’t wait to get out there. She went on to say that she is fulfilling her childhood dream of being a Broadway star.


So how did Aubrey do? Check back here on Monday when we have the full show report for you plus video of Aubrey in action!