Obama To Rock Lollapalooza?

We’ve chronicled presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama’s cool iPod picks, and his love of Jay-Z, Bob Dylan and Wilco, but could the potential next leader of the free world be sharing a stage with Kanye in a couple of weeks? According to the Daily Swarm, Obama has left a schedule slot open during the first weekend in August, which happens to be the same weekend Lollapalooza descends on his hometown.

Citing unnamed “multiple sources familiar with the ongoing planning and logistics” for the candidate, the site claimed that Obama is planning an appearance at the festival, which takes place from August 1-3. Obama’s national campaign headquarters are located less than a mile from the festival site in the lakefront Grant Park and, according to the Daily Swarm, Obama would make a “brief appearance onstage to introduce one of the headlining acts that share his hometown.” But a spokesperson for Lollapalooza wrote in an e-mail to MTV News that there is “no truth” to the report. E-mail requests for comment from Obama’s spokespeople were not returned at press time.

Among the potential acts he could introduce are Kanye West and Wilco, both of whom are headlining the event and who have spoken out — and in Wilco’s case, performed — in support of the candidate. Obama met with West (and Jay-Z) earlier this year to ask for their support, and unconfirmed reports earlier this week in the Washington Post claimed that West was to perform at an event during the Democratic National Convention in August in Denver. The story also said N.E.R.D. and Wyclef Jean were “likely” to perform in Denver for Obama, though their spokespeople did not return calls for comment.

A spokesperson for West did not return calls for comment about the potential DNC gig either, and a spokesperson for the convention, Natalie Wyeth, told MTV News earlier this week that “we have not yet announced the entertainment lineup for any official convention venues. We cannot speak for external events around Denver that week.”

Obama did pop up at a Chicago fundraiser last week headlined by Wilco, during which he gushed, “I love Wilco.” But given the complexity of such an appearance, the Daily Swarm claimed its sources said that the Obama pop-in “will remain unconfirmed right up until the last minute, as his schedule is always subject to change, political events remain fluid, and security arrangements for such a large-scale public appearance are challenging.”