'Project Runway': Which Stars Would Wear It Best?

By Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Unlike season-five designer Korto, most celebrities do not know a supermarket when they see one (then again, the tabs always seem to be catching them with a cart full of groceries, but whatever). But the kind of nutty fashions that come out of "Project Runway" challenges are pretty much suited only for people in the entertainment biz, not for those of us who actually shop at Gristedes. (Read a review of the season premiere here.)

As sad as early MTV News favorite Stella Zotis' garbage bag gown was, I immediately pictured one woman who could easily pull it off, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Karen O, who rocked similar shredded-plastic looks on tour last summer. Stella said the trash bags ripped really easily, though, so Karen might want to don some more durable undergarments onstage.

Kelli Martin's winning vacuum-bag-and-coffee-filter ensemble, while not as stunning as Michael's coffee-filter dress from season three, was flirty and cute, with a bit of an edge. It's only gonna work on someone young, sprightly and adventurous. And since the thought of burn marks on one's bust sounds kind of painful, we'll let indestructible "Heroes" cheerleader and budding pop star Hayden Panettiere don this number.

Of course, someone on the show already made an "American Psycho" reference upon seeing Jerry Tam's shower-curtain raincoat, complete with rubber gloves and galoshes. And though I could stare at photos of Christian Bale all day long, I'll take a stab (heh) at a new suggestion: This is the outfit Katherine Heigl's Izzie will wear when she finally snaps and goes on a murderous rampage on "Grey's Anatomy."

Your turn. Which celebs would you pick to wear the latest "Project Runway" designs?

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